The First Descendant accused of plagiarising Destiny 2's icons

Image Credit(s): Nexon

The First Descendant accused of plagiarising Destiny 2's icons

author image Ajmain Intisar |

July 10, 2024 at 11:30 AM BST

The First Descendant, a new free-to-play looter shooter developed by Nexon, has already been embroiled in controversy over allegations of plagiarism. Specifically, the game has been accused of copying in-game icons from Bungie's popular title, Destiny 2. This accusation has sparked a debate about the line between inspiration and copyright infringement.

The most striking similarities are in the design of various in-game icons in The First Descendant. These icons, which are used to identify gear and abilities, appear to be nearly identical to those found in Destiny 2. For instance, the Different Dream sniper rifle in The First Descendant bears a strong resemblance to Destiny 2's IKELOS sniper and Sleeper Simulant linear fusion rifle. Additionally, several of the weapon perk symbols and other assets in The First Descendant seem to be copied from Destiny 2.

The developers of The First Descendant have been open about their inspirations. Director Minseok Joo has stated that the team looked to Warframe and Destiny for guidance, aiming to create a similar sense of community in players. However, the extent to which these inspirations have been taken too far has raised concerns about plagiarism.

The community's reaction has been mixed. Some players have pointed out that Destiny 2 itself uses some open-source art, which could explain the similarities. However, the sheer number of identical icons has led many to question whether The First Descendant's developers went too far in their borrowing.

While there have been no official statements from Bungie or Nexon regarding potential legal action, the controversy has brought to light the importance of originality in game design.