Rogue Company removes all in-game Dr DisRespect content following grooming allegations against the streamer

Rogue Company removes all in-game Dr DisRespect content following grooming allegations against the streamer

author image Md. Jarif-Ul Islam |

July 9, 2024 at 10:30 PM BST

Following grooming allegations against popular streamer Dr. Disrespect, Hi-Rez Studios has taken steps and removed any and all Dr DisRespect content from their third-person shooter, Rogue Company. Interestingly though, Rogue Company has not had any major updates since 2023, indicating a deprioritisation from Hi-Rez Studios amid the upcoming launch of Smite 2.

A statement published to the official Rogue Company X/Twitter account has pointed towards the change: “Hey Rogue Company, we have disabled Dr DisRespect content previously available on game. We will provide full Rogue Buck refunds to any impacted account this week.”

However, this decision left fans outraged as they would rather have their money back instead of spending on an irrelevant game. Some have taken to Rogue Company’s Steam user reviews to complain about the situation, where the overall ratings are now down to ‘mixed’ for recent reviews.

Dr. Disrespect, last June 21, through a twitch employee was implied to be messaging a minor inappropriately through a messaging feature in Twitch, whispers. Subsequent leaks were made confirming his actions and Guy Beahm, aka Dr. Disrespect himself confirmed talking to them, however denying the allegations of having sexual intentions. There has been a barrage of leaks about the streamer talking inappropriately and having said intentions clearly which has been better covered by Rolling Stones in this article.

The streamer had partnered with Rogue Company publisher Hi-Rez Studios, which is also behind Smite and Paladins, to design his own level and even a $20 character skin. However, the aforementioned premium content is no longer in the game. With partners and sponsors like Turtle Beach, 2K, and the San Francisco 49ers subsequently cutting ties with the streamer, Midnight Society, the game studio he co-founded, also terminated its relationship with him. Furthermore, monetisation on his YouTube channel was suspended. And now, another video game Dr DisRespect was affiliated with has taken steps to distance itself from him. 

Jarif is a contributor at The Daily Esports.