Doom Franchise gets new instalment called ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’, to be released in 2025

Doom Franchise gets new instalment called ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’, to be released in 2025

author image Fairuz Shams |

June 10, 2024 at 10:32 AM BST

The anticipation surrounding the rumours regarding the possibility of a new instalment of the iconic Doom franchise, supposedly titled ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’, has finally been justified. The original rumour, originating from a report by Insider Gaming, stated that the game would be announced in the Xbox Games Showcase in June. And those rumours, much to the jubilation of fans, have turned out to be right. ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’ has been announced in Xbox Games Showcase 2024, with a release date of 2025 for Xbox Series X and S, PC and Playstation 5. The following description was provided on Xbox Wire—

“The prequel to ‘Doom(2016)’, ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’ puts players behind the visor of the mighty Slayer as they battle demonic hordes in grounded, hard-hitting combat inside an epic, cinematic tale of gods, kings and monsters. Supplementing his superhuman skills and over-the-top arsenal, the Slayer will also call upon his colossal Atlan mech to brawl with titanic beasts and retake the skies aboard his ferocious steed: a jet-fueled, cybernetic war dragon.”

Judging by that description, it seems that ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’ appears poised to push the boundaries of the series even further, building upon the adrenaline-fueled action and relentless combat that has made the series so beloved in the first place. And as a prequel seemingly taking place in hitherto unknown environments, players will also have a chance to explore an immersive dark fantasy world and learn more about the Slayer’s past. And with it will be the franchise’s now signature blend of fast-paced combat, pulse-pounding soundtrack, and stunning visuals. So, to put it in colloquial terms, it seems that gamers are going to be eating good in 2025.