MLBB boosts accessibility of third-party tournaments with all-new features

MLBB boosts accessibility of third-party tournaments with all-new features

author image Rafi Adnan |

April 27, 2024 at 3:00 PM BST

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Esports community just got a huge upgrade with MOONTON revealing the launch of a new set of support features to make third-party MLBB tournaments more accessible.

The new additions include a "MLBB Tournament Tool" that makes it simple for organisers to set up small-scale competitions and a "Major Community Tournament License Application" that enables larger esports events to obtain more funding and resources. The features are housed on the recently launched MLBB Third-Party Tournament website. These changes come in collaboration with popular tournament hosting platforms like Battlefy, Challonge, and Toornament.

The MLBB Tournament Tool will support the setup of smaller tournaments through a simple tournament lobby. Once a lobby is created, a QR code or unique ID can be shared with players for them to join. Previously, organisers had to go through a tedious series of steps like manually adding each player as a friend in-game and inviting them to lobbies afterwards.

For large-scale esports events, organisers can ask for extra support via the Major Community Tournament License Application. Upon processing, further resources will be activated, including access to a server with all heroes and emblems unlocked, official certification to use the MLBB logo, and marketing support on official MLBB channels.

MOONTON Games collaborated with Battlefy, Challonge, and Toornament to give planners smooth integration with the “MLBB Tournament Tool”. Organisers can now easily run MLBB esports activities on Battlefy, Challonge, and Toornament without needing to personally handle matches and interactions. An improved connection with Challonge will be available in the near future.

Ray Ng, Head of Esports Ecosystem, at MOONTON Games, shared that the new support features reflect MOONTON’s commitment to growing the Esports community by simplifying the hosting process as well as reducing the barriers to entry. There have also been promises of further investments in this field, which signals a large step in a positive direction.