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Valve makes Dota 2 changes for April Fool’s Day

While it’s still March 31 in the United States, Valve is
getting into the spirit of April Fool’s by introducing a number
of (strange) changes to Dota 2.

The latest update has altered the symbol that appears
when a creep or tower is denied. Previously, an exclamation
mark would appear when the action was carried out. Now, a
question mark appears instead.

New footage shared on Twitter by Wykrhm
also shows new features for Low Priority Matchmaking,
with an All Pick & Grace Mode available. Supposedly, these
offer the option for players to earn Grace Points, which could
then theoretically be used to avoid future Low Priority

It remains to be seen what other trickery awaits as we
approach April Fool’s.

In more serious news,
Valve recently confirmed the dates for The International
2017 main event
. The tournament will be
returning to KeyArena in Seattle this August with ticket prices
ranging from $100-$200.


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