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Fnatic’s head Coach “NicoThePico” Resigns

  • Staff

Fnatic has today announced that Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgard has stepped down as the head coach of Fnatic’s League of Legends team. NicoThePico will be replaced by the teams Manager Finlay “Quaye” Stewart to step in as coach.

NicoThePico began working as the head coach during the end of last years Summer Split, moving from Origen. He has helped make a new team for this 2017 Season after a few well known players left, including Bora “Yellowstar” Kim.

Fnatic has released a statement informing fans that “NicoThePico stepping down was made in the team’s best interest”. However, from NicoThePico’s view, he states in the announcement that “Challenges on the inside” lead NicoThePico to step down and that “As a result, problems occurred that I could not foresee beforehand and fix in due time.” NicoThePico also addressed his fans announcing that “It saddens me to end the journey here, even if it was a rough one, I loved every minute of every day,”


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