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DH Summer closed qual. invites

DreamHack has revealed the eight teams, four in North
America and four in Europe that have been invited to the closed
qualifier for DreamHack Summer.

After six teams were directly invited by the Swedish
tournament organizer, eight teams have now been invited to take
part in the closed qualifier, where two spots for the $100,000
tournament will be up for grabs. One for a European team and
one for a North American team.

Renegades will be one of the teams in the
North American bracket

After the open qualifier is over, eight teams—four from
the open qualifier and the four invited teams—on each of the
two continents will fight on May 21 for the last two available
spots in the tournament. The winners will then travel to Sweden
to play at DreamHack Summer, which will take place on June
17-19 at the Elmia Convention Center in Jönköping.

The invited teams in Europe are:

The invited teams in North America are:

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